Thursday, January 3, 2008

Not a New Years Post

That is yet to come as I don't have the energy for it tonight.

Right now I have a cold from hell which is leading to a bad ass case of the sleepies all the time. Not the best way to ring in the new year. OR Leanne gave me mono after molesting my face on NYE.

Right now the campus is getting completely renovated. Meaning I get to breath in gyprock dust and paint fumes all day. And adding insult to the cold ickyness is having to spent all day long at work crawling under desks/moving heavy stuff/sweating grossly. When I said I wanted more exercise in the new year it's not exactly what I meant.

One of my best's may be leaving me for four months on Saturday in search of better work and I can't blame her. She's just dead to me. I kid I kid. But I think it's gonna be a quiet four months without my partner in drunken crime/road trip buddy/sushi date. Sigh.

On a positive note however, my comrades at Starbucks started a new program where they have a customer of the week. And not only does the customer get their drinks FREE for the week but I got my name(spelled right!) and fav drink on the chalk board. Free shit and attention? Solid gold. It made my week. And it doesn't even start until Monday. One week of free Starbucks drinks, well that means I can practically afford the new Beamer I want.

I think this is going to be a year of transition. I can feel it. More about that later.


Steph said...

Free shit and your name on a board? It don't get any better.......unless they were giving free Choo's,that would be awesome.

maverick said...

hey..still waiting for star bucks to enter india and setup shop..probably then the same event cud b held here :)


Meghan said...

I think they need a free choo stamp card. But 6, get one set free sort of deal. And I'd go to India to set up the first Starbucks!

maverick said...

aaah..u r more than welcome..just convince them to come here...we in india are actually waiting for star bucks..tho bottled coffee shall be available soon at retail outlets :)