Monday, January 14, 2008

I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore!

I have a big ol stinking confession.
And I'm not gonna fight it anymore.

I love, love, love LOLcatz. They are so cheesy and cavity inducing sweet it's the sort of website that would make me wanna barf a little. But I can't fight it anymore. The cute captions. The adorable pictures. They make you smile and giggle and feel good.

So from here on out on my blog, Mondays are LOLCat Mondays. Cause Mondays are usually kinda crap anyways right, and you need something to give you a chuckle if nothing else. So without further ado...


Nick said...

I swear to God, if you keep up LOLcat Mondays after this post, I'll not only remove you from my blog's link list, but I'll also kill at least one kitten per day with my bare hands.


Fuck, do I ever hate those LOLcats.

Anonymous said...

haahaha now now, I think we should get a lifetime subscription mailed to you of LOLcats, word on the street says you Loveeeeeeeeee it :P

maverick said...

lol..i m not so much a pet lover..n also cats are not a preferred pet in india..ppl prefer dogs...hardly anyone keeps