Saturday, January 5, 2008

Resolve This

In the past I've scoffed at New Years resoultions, but int he past three years have found them quite successful. I have vowed to better my career; and have. I have clinked glasses on New Years Eve towards health and have taken on a healthier lifestyle, etc. So this year when the clock struck twelve and the new year began it gots me a thinking about what I wanted to work on this year.

My theory, since I cannot find one concrete resolution that feels right is I'm gonna throw a whole buncha halfass ones in the pot and see what sticks. Such as....

1.) Drink less. There's nothing I love more than drinking beer at rock trivia or when watching a game and pounding back a couple ceasars after a hard days work. I'll find any ol excuse to drink wine and think hot chocolate and baileys go hand in hand. So a hard one to pull off. But over the last year I've drank a few times to the point of being completely out of my comfort and control and that makes me uneasy. (losing panties?!? i gave my wallet to whom?! who's bed am i in?). Now I love a shit show as much as the next but think it's time to start to hang up the party girl crown. That;'s not to say I won't be picking it up off the shelf and dusting it off from time to time.

1 week, so far so good (of course the fact that I'm sick as a dog and can't drink doesn't hurt)

2.) Stop smoking. Technically I wuit smoking three years ago after going from a pack a day smoker to having a puff when I drink. The only problem is I crave drinking sometimes just to justify that sweet sweet nicotiney goodness. It is still about a pack a month, but there's nothing sexy about waking up after a night of drinking with a stuffy nose and clothes that reek. Also I was just recently kissing a boy who complained that my hair smelled like smoke and it was mortifying. Screw health, I'll quit for vanity.

1 week, so far so good (of course the fact that I haven't drank this past week doesn't hurt)

3.) Become healthier. This one sucks as genetically I'm very slim and look in shape....until I run up a flight of stairs and you see I have the lungs of an 80 year old smoker. Seriously, if I tried to run you'd find me ten metres past the start like wheezing and crying. Sooo sad. But I hate exercise so this year I want to find a form of exercise that is enjoyable that will allow me to get healthy and fit. Also less poutine, more leafy greens.

1 week, well I have to move stuff around at work this week so a good start. And if tea and soup are healthy then I'm on my way.

4.) Learn to say no. I'm trying to outgrow the people pleaser stage in my life where I have troubles saying no. And even worse are the people that know this and take advantage of it. Grrrrr. This year I'm gonna get over the whole sick feeling in the stomach, guilt inducing, cringe worthy factor of just saying NO.

5.) Fuck number five. That's plenty enough. I was gonna have another one about how I should try to be classier, but then I wouldn't be true to who I am really.

So lets see how it goes, maybe it'll work and maybe it won't but you gotta give it a shot, right?


Anonymous said...

ROTFLMFAF!!!!!!!! Girl I don't know why you don't do something with the way you write. You've got some serois fucking talent and are absolutly hilaroius. I Love you!;oD

maverick said...

lol..nice of luck with keeping them..


Meghan said...

Thanks! I love you too anonymous person!

maverick said...

thnx for dropping by on my blog...keep visiting :)

Jess said...

You be the judge:

1. having or reflecting high standards of personal behavior
2. admirably skillful and graceful

PS. Let me know when you find this elusive 'enjoyable exercise'.