Thursday, November 5, 2009

Diabetic Coma

Oh yeah, and in all the wrap up posts about the parties and the drama I forgot to mention one other little thing about Halloween...

Not one kid stopped by my place for candy, and I couldn't be happier ;)


Random Musings Of My Life said...

Me neither!! We did not get a single one!! ANd I am about to gain 100 pounds

P said...

It's always a good excuse to eat tons of sweets!!! :)

Mike said...

And if a kid did show up, you could give him something from that other bowl.

Personally, I'd take the garlic.

Ben said...

Boo. We bought only candy that we didn't like this year.

Which in all fairness turned out to be a fabulous idea.

Meghan said...

Random Musings- but worth it in the end, right?

P- you gotcha

Mike- send me your addy, I'll mail it your way.

Ben- now that's smart thinkin.