Sunday, November 15, 2009


My mind is still scattered so I'm just going to verbally throw up a little of what is in my head.

  • Went out Friday night for one of my best friend birthdays and had more fun than I thought I would, but unfortunately an epic night of carousing lead to an epic morning on hangover for the 2nd weekend in two weeks. Saturday was spent eating takeout and napping.
  • Unfortunately I'm finding that 1.) due to the fact that I almost never drink anymore I can't handle my alcohol compsumption like in my younger years. Lightweight tendancies, blackout evenings and quesy mornings have overtaken, but I'm not too concerned as I'm thinking it's a sign maybe I should stop drinking so much. I like the taste of alcohol; a glass of wine with a nice meal, beer when watching a good hockey game, ceasars when out at a pub but I hate that the next day is filled with ten times the anxiety than one should have due to the fact that I hate the feeling of being outside of my control and getting drunk is one of those things that does that. Having a drink and getting drunk are two very different things that I am going to start exercising.
  • The debt ball is snowballing lately due to tires blowing out, emergency root canal and having my taxes done wrong so owing the gov't 200$. At this point serious adjustments need to happen so I am starting to look for a second job and am debating keeping my car parked through the spring. I refuse to be someone who is going to be drowning in debt and so the choices are: make more money and cut back on expenses and those are the two realistic ones that I can think of.
  • I just ate 1200 calories of cheesecake. 1200 calories worth of cheesecake. If this doesn't indicate a dry spell in my life, I don't know what does.
  • If my past dating career has shown me anything it's that I'm attracted to sociopath sort of tendancies. No joke. I've been trying to break this habit for the last while. And have been successful in the sense that I'm not currently dating so I'm obviously not dating any sociopaths. But then last night I was watching Dexter and realized I have a total star crush on Dexter. Not the actor who plays him, the character of Dexter. I think this is a step backwards.
  • While broke and on a budget I've also decided I need to start decorating my home. Obviously. The first step is new cushions for the couch. One budget friendly step at a time.
  • I see there is a new layout for posting on blogger for posts. I like that I can do more things now, but can't seem to find the spellcheck. This is sad for all involved.
And that's about all I have today. Off to coma on the couch and new cushions. Eating half a cheesecake will do that to you.


Lucy said...

It sounds like you are making progress. All your ideas are good now just work on follow through and hey, we all have trouble with follow through so don't beat yourself up when you slip up here and there, just start again!!!

I use Blogger, don't you have th 'abc' sign up at the top? You have to be in Compose not HTML.

Andhari said...

I dn't like hangover, i'm a lightweight too. Only a few drinks can make me smiling like an idiot so when I already feel like it, I'll stop drinkinf.

P said...

What sort of cheesecake???

Mike said...

Point #2 - welcome to your 30's. Even if you're almost but not quite there yet.

At least there are memories ;)

Joker_SATX said...

Times are tough...Yeah I am with ya in regards to drinking...My motto used to be, "Avoid hangovers, stay drunk."

But I find I can't do that like I used to....

Organic Meatbag said...

I took all of your literary vomit and enjoyed it... and I need to exercise more caution with alcohol like you...hahaha

Anonymous said...

Half a cheesecake on a hangover? Dairy on a hangover? Bad idea.

Hope you're feeling top notch today pretty lady!

Meghan said...

Lucy-thanks! And ever since I changed my format, I don't. Odd.

Andhari-it's all about knowing your tolerance. Or relearning it in my case.

P- chocolate brownie with a ganache topping. So rich but heavenly.

Mike- what is this 30's you speak of? lalalalalalalala.

Joker- oh those were the days, I remember...

Organic Meatbag- it's a learning process I'm still working on...

Kelsey- now you tell me :P And it's all fine today, lovely!