Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Throwback to College Town

My friend Al (Alistair when I'm feeling refined) is passing through town and has placed himself at home at my place for the evening. He's currently watching the hockey game, while well fed and I'm surfing the internet. And although the food I fed him is a little healthier than in college and our night tamer than others, I'd be lying if it's not a throwback. Often in college Al would be over at our place eating Kraft Dinner, drinking beer and watching the game. Lives and locations change, but sometimes it's easy to go back to a routine you didn't even know is ingrained.

So to celebrate, I'm going to jack a few of the quotes off my friend Nick's blog from when we were all in college, cause we may be a little older, and a little wiser, but underneath it all, we're still saying the same stupid shit years later...

"What we need to do is torch the classrooms, burn down the clocktower, and murder our teachers." - Melissa

"If you cry and bake cakes you can manipulate people." - Melissa

"It's friday, I'm naked and I'm drinking. It's a good day." - Meghan

"I'm going to go up to random people and go 'Word to your mother!'...see how many time I get punched out." - Meghan

"I'm a worthless piece of skin!" - Al

Al: What kind of party ends at 1 AM?
Nick: The kind that starts at noon.


Steph said...

lol gotta love friends like that.

P said...

"It's friday, I'm naked and I'm drinking. It's a good day."

My favourite. :)

Mike said...

Those boobies come from chubby! - Spaz

Take me to the hospital please - Spaz

Melissa said...

I just want to say for the record, I am not a violent person and was joking about the first comment.

Plus, I am pretty sure I said that after drinking an excessive amount of alcohol.

Meghan said...

Steph- we may get older, but our love of hockey and beer stays the same.

P-Thanks. It WAS a great day.

Mike- haha, you would have gotten along quite fine in my group of peeps.

Melissa- you're violent and crazy. Don't deny it.

FoggyDew said...

"Hey, let's make gravel angels" the Foggy Dew. Note: This did not turn out well.

"Your rugby captain is drinking all alone at the team bar," the Dew's little brother in a series of phone calls to his teammates. The drunk lasted 16 days and he reached a state where he claims he was so drunk he was sober.