Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Hangover

When you don't remember the night before due to excessive alcohol consumption there are certain keys to piecing together the night.

1.) Check that there isn't anyone in your bed with you, you have your housekeys, wallet and so forth.

2.)Ask friends what happened.More than likely they are in the same boat but together you can start to make a semblance of an evening.

3.)Check for photos, text logs, and bank transactions to show you where you've been, who you texted and what you found important to record.

4.) Wait for people's messages/writing on your wall on facebook.Don't be shy, when they say "Ohmigod, I can't believe what happened last night!" ask, point blank, "What happened." Also new friend requests are a good way to start figuring it out.

5.) Hope that the colourful vomit you're expelling will show what shots you did, what post bar food was? Too much? Yeah, but it may help.

6.) Try to muster up the dignity to go back to the bar to ask why you got kicked out.

7.) Know that even if your outfit didn't start out with a duct taped shoe, the night ended with one. Poor, poor shoe.

8.) And last but not least maybe hide out for a few days to see that since you don't remember, everyone else will forget what happened.

Fuck. This is why I don't drink anymore.


Ben said...

I say bravo. Live it while you can!

Angela said...

Thankfully I've never bought anything while being drunk, so I don't have to worry about checking my bank statements!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Haha, good advice :P

Love the costume, by the way!!!

Stevie said...

My thoughts exactly. Another thought I had this weekend? "Wow, I'm definitely not in my early 20's anymore."

Andy said...

Hahaha, good advice! I DO remember what I did this weekend, even if I was batshit drunk,but there are certain things I can't seem to be able to explain myself. Just like the bruise on my thigh.

jamie said...

You're my favorite.

Joker_SATX said...

Yay you! Party on!

P said...

That sums up several of my nights recently. Thankfully I DO remember most of my escapades this weekend. Which makes a nice change...

Bruce said...

Hey, I am missing my duct-tape g-string that I was wearing on Halloween night....coinincidence? I think not.

LiLu said...

At least you looked fabulous, duct tape or no. ROCK.

Meghan said...

Ben- you do it too, smiley guy!

Angela- unfortunately I can't say the same.

Amber-follow it, my friend. Thanks!

Stevie- Sunday morning told me the same.

Andy-mystery bruises are always the most perplexing.

Jamie- no you are!

Joker- come join the party

P- any advice on that yourself?

Bruce- what's a coincidence? :P

Lilu- well thanks, lovely.