Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Enough About Me...

lets talk about you for awhile. Is your drink alright? Would you like a top off of your coffee or tea? Take off your jacket and stay awhile. There's shortbread if you'd like....

Anyways, even though it's my blog I'm getting tired of ME talking about ME. nd when you get sick of hearing yourself, that's not a good sign. So tonight I'd thought I'd turn the table, as I have an eclectic mix of commenters/readers lately; new and old and how about we switch it up. Why don't you tell me something about yourself- Who you are? Is there something you want to share here? Something you wouldn't think I'd guess by reading your blog? What's your favourite colour and food? Biggest pet peeve? Biggest hope and fear?

I'm listening.


Stevie said...

My favorite color is purple. My favorite food is artichokes. And I love to collect vintage travel posters :-)

Ben said...

I continue to be terrified of everything under the water. Whales and big rocks especially.

On the plus side, I have lost weight in the past two weeks and am starting to feel good about myself again.


(Yes - those two things are entirely unrelated but you didn't specify. YOU DIDN'T SPECIFY!)

P said...

Random facts . . .I love pink, my favourite starter is mozzarella sticks, my favourite cocktail is a Chocolate Dream from Vodka Wodka in Glasgow and I'm terrified of death more than anything else.

That's enough,right?

Organic Meatbag said...

Well this is a real catch-22 for me as well, because I am tired of talking about myself...hahahaha...so how about we pick somebody to rag on...maybe Richard Simmons?

Organic Meatbag said...

Meg, I hope you don't mind, but I shamelessly ripped your great idea off...please don't sue me...I couldn't bear to lose my priceless McDonald's party plates collection!

Slyde said...

i always worry that our one night of passion has ruined you for all other men...

Jennifer said...

I've dated my current boyfriend four different times over the course of my life before this particular time. Once in 8th grade, once our senior year of HS, once when we were about 21, and then when we were 24. Now at 28 we've been going strong for about a year - 5th times a charm right?

Taylor said...

Hello dear.

My name is Taylor. I love music, being outside, truly connecting to people, and watching musicals.

I hate the word succulent. Seriously, who the hell made THAT word up? Ew.

I collect the fortunes from inside fortune cookies. They inspire me.

And... I don't blog as much as I used to :(

Bruce said...

I know a MEME when I see one....nice try, but your subtle disguise won't work.....well....maybe;

1) I am coming to beleive that the world wide web will eventually create a global conciousness, but it is happening MUCH SLOWER than I thought it would. Maybe by the time our grandkids are adults.

2) Three dogs, and five cats....I change the A/C - heater filters in our house weekly.

3) I love / hate my job. It could be the worlds best place to work, if the management / supervision teams wasn't trying to run it into the ground every frickin day!

4) I do a lot of photography...I mean a lot of formats, digital, 35mm, 120mm 35mm stereo, 4X5 inch, Polaroid.....I suppose this satisfies a life long need to document stuff.

5) The older I get, the less enamored I am of capitalism and democracy and the more I am a fan of socialism and dictatorship.

6) Women that speak their mind and are articulate are super sexy....and very hard to find.

7) I want to hear more stories about 'Travis'.

....that about sums it up.

Random Musings Of My Life said...

I LOVE shoes.. duh?

Umm hearing someone cut their finger nails makes me dry heave..

I love handbags too..

I collect penguins

I love Candles

I am allergic to wine and hot dogs (shit there goes that idea)

And I am so ripping off your idea for a blog one day! Great idea!

Meghan said...

Stevie-artichokes are love.

Ben-under the water is a scary place, shallow pools pls. And congrats on the two pounds, sexy guy smiley!

P- I too love mozza sticks. If ever I come to Glasgow we'll have to share a plate :)

Organic Meatbag- Richard Simmons can lick my imaginary ballsack. And thanks for the shout out!

Slyde- it's true. I mean how can they compare? (Answer: they can't)

Jennifer- I think we all have that guy, glad you're making it work this time. I hear 5th time is the charm too.

Taylor- you'll come back to blog when you want, and I'll be here reading. And succulent makes my skin curl. Eww.

Bruce-I agree with you on the technological side. pets are love. Your photography is beautiful. And 6 is about me, right? ;)

Random musings- No wine-tragic. But your sense of shoes and hangbags however is epic!

Joker_SATX said...

I would love to coordinate a Blog meet...and Austin would be the place to do it.

I have a couple of Blogger friends here in San Antonio that I have been dying to propose this to...Whatta ya think?

Now, if I can only find that "get out of Arkham" permission slip.